Can you Climb Mount Aconcagua in Winter

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Can you Climb Mount Aconcagua in Winter?

As one of the most famous mountains all over the globe, Aconcagua follows the seasonal pattern of the southern hemisphere. In Aconcagua, winter runs through June/July, and summer runs through December/January. During winter or the month of June/July, the mountain has an extreme snow-covered climate. So if you want to know the best time to visit Aconcagua and its weather, read this post until the end.

Weather of Aconcagua

The weather of Aconcagua is considered generally good yet unpredictable every time. Experts recommended November 15th to March 15th as the best time for Trekking Aconcagua. The temperature of Ancangua varies during the day and night. The temperature at night is approximately 0ºC at approach and -10ºC at base camp. While during day time, the temperature is around 20 to 30ºC at approach and 10 to 20ºC at the base camp.

As we already discussed, the weather is always unpredictable; people sometimes face heavy snow, electric storms, and wind-storms due to their geographical conditions. Lightning bolts especially strike on the mountain peaks in the Northwestern region and the summit, making the ascent and stay challenging.

The region of Aconcagua generally receives humid winds from the anticyclone centers in the Pacific Ocean. When humid winds come from the west, they go up, decreasing the temperature and creating snow. However, even on a good weather day in summer, the temperature is around -20ºC above 5000 meters, and at the summit, the temperature is often -30ºC.

Climbing and trekking are not favorable during winter as the weather is terrible, winds are always violent, and snow covers the mountain. It is very challenging to climb Aconcagua during winter and requires high-quality experience. Thus, Aconcagua park is closed during winter and open from November 15th.

Best Season to Visit Aconcagua

As we discussed earlier, Aconcagua follows Southern Hemisphere weather. Thus, summer runs from December or January, and winter runs from June or July. The Aconcagua park is open from the beginning of winter, from November 15th. The best season to visit and climb Mount Aconcagua is from November to March. However, the expert also broke these seasons into four parts: high season, low season, mid-season, and off-season, categorized as follows.

High Season: Begins from December 15th to January 31st

Low Season: Begins from November 15–30th

Mid Season: Begins from December 1–14th and February 1–20th

Off-Season: Begins from February 21st to November 15th

According to experts, Mid season is very favorable for climbing as the weather is good and routes are less crowded compared to the high season. Although during off-season, which is the winter season, Aconcagua is open for climbers, it is not suggested to summit during the off-season as the weather conditions are unfavorable and harsh. During the Low season, the weather is colder than in the mid and low seasons. And lastly, during the high season, the weather is most stable and optimal, which invites most of the climbers at that time.


Aconcagua is the best place for climbing for an inexperienced person. Still, climbing Aconcagua during winter is very dangerous, and it is better to avoid it. During winter, snow covers Aconcagua, an extreme and cold climate, and the wind is always violent. Thus, November to March is the perfect time for Aconcagua Trekking.



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