For Which Of The Seven Summits Should I Start

My first seven summits were Aconcagua, Argentina. I was undecided between an expedition to Aconcágua or an Aconcagua Hike, which at that point along the way, I think I made the right decision. Our group consisted of 5 people plus the two guides. I humbly believe that our group was fantastic in every way necessary for the expedition to be successful. All people are very well trained in the physical and of course in the mental. But above all else, just by speaking two words with them, you realized that they wanted good people. On the first days of the itinerary, we were in Mendoza taking care of the preparations and the administrative part. Climbing Aconcagua is not just in the mountains. We had to process the entry permits, review our team with the guides. In my case, I had to rent some trekking boots because mine were quite battered. It was very nice to spend a few days relaxing and sleeping in comfortable beds. After those days of relaxation we left for penitents, little by little we were feeling the change in the air. When I was on the way to the confluence, the height was finally beginning to appear. Some colleagues were affected a lot from the start. Luckily I did not have a single symptom. Which, for me, was very important. Being two days in confluence, you begin to feel that you are entering the climate. After going to Plaza Francia and seeing the southern wall of the colossus, you are shocked. It is hard to imagine that I would be up there in several days, or at least trying. They are on top of the highest point in South America. And so we settled in the Base Camp, or Plaza De Mulas at approximately 4,400 m. I pitched my tent at camp. Everything was fine. We had passed our medical check-up at the lower base camp, Confluencia, so we were here on December 3, day 4. Ready for the next ten days on the mountain, our expedition planned to reach the summit around December 12. We went to bed, a healthy squeeze, but this was a real mountain; we were ready to suffer. The temperature dropped below freezing overnight, and when we opened the tent the next day, it went out. The entire base camp was covered in snow. Not well. Usually, when Aconcagua season starts, there should be no snow until Summit Day, but we were 50cm on Day 5. Ignoring the cold, we dressed and hiked at 5000m for further acclimatization. 4.5 hours straight, not so bad but very cold, and the wind would start whipping in a heartbeat, out of nowhere. At 5000m, they have Camp 1, “Canada,” where people start their summit attempts, but for us, back to Plaza De Mulas for a medical check-up to see how the altitude was affecting people. The doctor gave terrible news. The next day we had to sleep in the Canada camp, but three people within our group of 7 suffered from altitude sickness; the Canada camp was cancelled for at least one day. All our rest day brought was a low temperature and more snow. Climb Aconcagua is something that will be forever marked in my life..

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