How Long Does Aconcagua Expedition Take

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How Long Does Aconcagua Expedition Take

Apart from being one of the most challenging physical activities in the world, there are people all around the globe who dream of climbing mountains. While talking about climbing mountains, Aconcagua mountain always comes to everyone’s mind. This mountain is considered the best of epic proportions and the highest peak in South America. Thus, if you are also dreaming of climbing Aconcagua mountain and want to know related answers, this post is for you.

How long does the Aconcagua expedition take?

For every expedition, summit day is the most challenging, which takes 12 to 15 hours of difficult trekking. However, when a person chooses a normal route which is most famous among expeditors, it takes around 18 to 20 days to reach the peak. Although, climbing to Aconcagua is all about how fast one body acclimatizes, which directly influences the duration of expeditions. Moreover, your expedition duration may increase when bad weather arises.

Which is the best time for the Aconcagua expedition?

Aconcagua is situated in the region of Mendoza, Argentina. There are many Aconcagua Mountain Guides who can help you in your expedition. Still, you need to know the favorable time to begin working on your dream. While discussing the best time or season for climbing the Aconcagua mountain, many experts remark that November to January is the best option.

You can get the best weather when you visit Aconcagua at the right time. However, the weather in Aconcagua changes unpredictably, which sometimes makes people unable to reach the summit. Still, most of the expedition took place in Aconcagua between December and January because of the most favorable weather. Moreover, experts also said that mid-season is always suitable for trips as the weather is favorable and there are much fewer crowds compared to the high season.

Four seasons are as follows:

Low Season: From 15th of November to 30th of November

Mid-Season: From 1st of December to 14th of December

High Season: From 15th of December to 31st of January

Off-Season: From the 21st of February to the 15th of November

What to consider while preparing for the Aconcagua expedition?

The foremost point that everyone needs to consider is that every expedition needs to be physically fit to climb Aconcagua. When a person is very good at fitness, they can use their energy to keep up with the high altitude for around 18 to 20 days. However, many experts also recommended initiating training prior to the 6 month Aconcagua expedition. In this training, everyone should do 1.5 hours for 5 days a week, and one should schedule an additional outdoor excursion every 1 to 2 weeks.

Training enhances the odds of reaching summits, offers immense general performance, and reduces various health risks. Moreover, there are plenty of guides certified with UIAGM, AAGM, or EPGAMT, which offer the best Climb Aconcagua Cheap packages. You should consider only those guides certified with these certificates to get the safe and best experience during your adventure.


After becoming fit for an expedition and completing training, climbing Aconcagua mountain is all the game of acclimatizing. The duration of the expedition depends on how quickly one’s body acclimatizes. However, it will probably take 18 to 20 days to reach the peak of Aconcagua.



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