Intimate Diary Of An Unforgettable Adventure To The Colossus Of America, Aconcagua

I have been looking forward to this day. I had breakfast at 9 in the morning: scrambled eggs, bacon, and tea. The whole group had to have routine medical check-ups at 11:30 to monitor blood pressure, oxygen level, lungs, and heart rate. The entire group had good results, and the doctor was happy that we continued like this. After that, I took a hot shower. It was the first in 5 days, and it was great! I had a late lunch at two pm, rice with tuna, cheese, and vegetables. It was lovely. After lunch, I decided to go for a walk towards the glacier. When I got to the other side, I met another group of climbers from Australia, whom I had talked to before. We talk for a while, and then we continue. A few minutes later, I saw other people up the hill.Dinner that night was at seven pm, and I ended up drinking quite a bit of wine and trying the Fernet for the first time. Everyone in the group was very close before going to bed around nine pm. It has been a great day. We are all looking forward to seeing camp one tomorrow.

Breakfast was at eight am. The scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes I will not return skinnier from Aconcagua. Today it is time to transport common equipment to camp one, somewhere between 4800 and 5000 m. This was a difficult day and the first to carry a relatively heavy load (around 20 kilos). This is mainly made up of food that we would need in camps one, two, and three. We split this between the seven of our team, including the guides. Today’s route was very steep, and we burned between 6,000 and 7,000 calories in one day. In the summit attempt, we are expected to burn between 16,000 and 18,000 calories. That means the food we eat now must support this effort. Today, the route consisted of sections of loose rock and areas of sand and smaller stones, reminiscent of climbing a dune. Try this with 20 kilos at 5000 meters high, and you will see what it is like to push yourself. We also spent time hiking the glacier. Just past them, we finally made it to camp one and unloaded our gear, preparing it for our return in a day or two. After half an hour of rest, and now fortunately with lighter backpacks, we descended. In an hour and a half, we had descended the route that took almost five hours to ascend.

At the camp, the staff people waited for us with quesadillas, olives, and watermelon to welcome us. Another unforgettable day, very tired but happy. There is still a lot ahead, but the group is whole, well physically and mentally.

Aconcagua is a magical hill; you can do an Aconcagua Trekking if you don’t feel ready for an expedition or even stay at the confluence. What you can be sure of is that an Aconcagua Trek will make you want with all your heart to return to complete an expedition.


AconcaguaExpeditions provide all information and services to climb Mount Aconcagua Argentina. Website-

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Aconcagua Expeditions

AconcaguaExpeditions provide all information and services to climb Mount Aconcagua Argentina. Website-